Mc’Larry Express can handle all your local and regional shipping, whether it involves state-to-state or province-to-province logistics. We work with an extensive network of associate carriers which gives us—and you—access to various types of equipment, volume discounts, time savings, and hassle-free shipping. Our carriers will ensure that your freight is handled safely and securely and delivered on time.



Mc’Larry Express has in-depth experience in trans-border shipping across North America and can make sure that your shipments move effortlessly every time. We’ll personally see to it that quality assurance is applied to all your shipments and that all documentation is in place for customs clearance.



When your logistics requirements extend to another continent, we’ll enlist our international network of qualified carrier associates to ensure that your shipments arrive seamlessly at any major international distribution point or remote destination, whether by ocean, air, or road. You can count on us to meet your logistics requirements and exceed your expectations.



Mc’Larry Express employs fully licensed Canadian customs brokers to provide you with technical and processing services as well as regulations consulting for cross-border and international shipping that involves

  • Duty drawback and deferral programs
  • Compliance management and tariff audits
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Customs Automated Data Exchange (CADEX)

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